About our Boards

EV boards are designed for freestyle river surfing, as well as down-river play. We have designed the boards in several sizes (XS-XL) to provide you with a board that works for your body type.


The rocker on our boards is designed to be able to surf comfortably forwards and backwards while also keeping the board flat on the water to help you to catch and stay on the wave.


The handle placement on our boards is uniquely designed to allow you to get up on your knees to surf. The variety of handles gives you multiple options for grips while heading downstream and punching big features. The front handle helps you push the front of your board down while trying to catch waves. The back handle is useful for grabbing your board if it begins to float away. The handles also help you to carry the board while on land.


In the newest model of our boards we have added stiffening rods which run up the inside length of the board. These rods keep the board firm while you surf, but still allow for the flex that you need to throw tricks. In addition, our newest models are designed using a plastic that is more durable than previous models. This plastic is particularly resistant to cold and allows for a smoother ride than previous designs.