Tom Paterson 
is a white water athlete who spends majority of his time exploring rivers, surfing and filming. Tom began rafting and kayaking until discovering riverboarding, which he quickly fell in love with. He began to translate tricks from other sports into tricks he could preform on a riverboard, thus pioneering Freestyle Riverboarding. Tom introduced his brother Jon to the sport and the two have become known as “The Paterson Bros” – the best in the sport. They have since shared the joys of riverboarding with others and have developed a crew of fellow Freestyle Riverboarders. When Tom is not on the river he spends most of his time creating media, exploring the outdoors and finding creative ways to have fun. Tom is an advocate for incorporating play into one’s life as he believes it is a necessity and often missing from adult life; the aspect of play is what Tom loves most about riverboarding. 

Jon Paterson

Regan Ho

Mike Pearce

Sage Karson


Addie Bertoni

Mike (Sarge) Saragosa

Rachel Hickey

Chris Jandke

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