Who We Are

The Crew

Tom Paterson
Tom is a white water athlete who spends majority of his time exploring rivers, surfing and filming. Tom began rafting and kayaking until discovering riverboarding, which he quickly fell in love with. He began to translate tricks from other sports into tricks he could preform on a riverboard, thus pioneering Freestyle Riverboarding. Tom introduced his brother Jon to the sport and the two have become known as “The Paterson Bros” – the best in the sport. They have since shared the joys of riverboarding with others and have developed a crew of fellow Freestyle Riverboarders. When Tom is not on the river he spends most of his time creating media, exploring the outdoors and finding creative ways to have fun. Tom is an advocate for incorporating play into one’s life as he believes it is a necessity and often missing from adult life; the aspect of play is what Tom loves most about riverboarding. 

Jon Paterson
Jon grew up adventuring outdoors as often as possible. Jon loves being active and enjoys challenging himself physically whenever possible. As an avid swimmer, and swim instructor, the transition into Freestyle Riverboarding was a relatively easy one. Jon is an advanced and dedicated boarder and a skilled teacher. What he loves most about Riverboarding is how that it's the most fun way to exercise (and of course the feeling of flying when surfing a wave). Jon is pursuing a career in Primary Care Paramedics.

Mike Pearce 
Mike is a worldly traveler and outdoors-man (when he's not working on the computer on various marketing projects). Tom and Jon introduced Mike to Riverboarding on the Ottawa river and he’s been addicted ever since. Mike is an advocate for Freestyle Riverboarding and encouraging people to get in the river and try out this new whitewater sport. 

 Regan Ho
Regan is the brains behind Earth Veins and started Riverboarding with Tom in 2012 on the Ottawa river. What he enjoys most about Freestyle Riverboarding is how it allows you the freedom to have fun with friends on the river and be silly. Some of Regan's other passions are Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, bouldering, hockey, and cooking.

Sage Karson
Sage was introduced to Freestyle Riverboarding by Tom in 2015, since then they've spent many days on the river together, or searching for fun places to play on an Earth Veins board in the Greater Toronto Area. Sage grew up in Muskoka and lives for the outdoors. Sage loves to laugh and have fun in nature and riverboarding allows you to do just that. He left a career as a cook so he could pursue a more adventurous lifestyle. Sage also enjoys kickboxing, Jiu-jitsu, snowboarding and climbing.  He is currently travelling in New Zealand.