Who We Are

The Team

Tom Paterson

Tom is known as the OG freestyle riverboarder as he was the first person to add an aerial freestyle element to riverboarding. Ever since he started integrating freestyle tricks to riverboarding, he has devoted his life to finding bigger and gnarlier waves, pushing the limits and boundaries of freestyle riverboarding.

Sage Karson

Sage was introduced to riverboarding by Tom in 2015. He grew up in Muskoka, Ontario where he developed a love for the outdoors. Sage left a career as a cook so he could pursue a more adventurous life style. Sage also enjoys kickboxing, Jiu-jitsu, snowboarding, climbing and hunting.

Regan Ho

Regan started his riverboarding addiction in 2012, shortly after his first surf on butterfly located on the middle channel on the Ottawa river. Some of his other passions are Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, bouldering, hockey, and cooking.

About Earth Veins

Earth Veins is a white water lifestyle company that was started by a group of friends wanting to push freestyle riverboarding to new limits.

Our vision is to make freestyle riverboarding available to anyone willing to try something new while getting the chance to explore the natural wonders the world has to offer. We produce the best freestyle riverboards in the world and we want to continue to research and develop new boards. We specialize in custom repairs and modifications on riverboards as well as test them extensively in different climates and temperatures. 

We want to share our lifestyle with the world and welcome anyone to join us on the river.